Monday, November 12, 2007

Whew.....what a weekend!

Well we had our annual Fall Bash Saturday night and it was bigger than ever!!!! We had approx. 85 people at my house...WOW! I was going to skip it this year b/c of everything that has been going on, but people started asking me about it and I said "why not". Thank goodness we have acreage and a huge carport otherwise it wouldn't be possible! I really didn't get to mingle as much as usual b/c I was inside with little man, but everyone seemed to have a great time! I spent yesterday "trying" to re-cooperate (sp?), but that wasn't very successful since I had both kiddos by hubby escaped to go hunting. I'm still dragging today, but not as bad.....hopefully all will be back to normal by tomorrow. It was a great time.......just glad I have a whole year until the next one!


BMWS said...

Awww--that sounds so FUN!

The Eisele Family said...

It was a fun time! Everything looked great.