Thursday, October 30, 2008

Like Brother....Like Sister

I must admit, there are MANY days I get wrapped up in "what needs to be done", "where am I going today" and of course "computer time" that I forget to notice the little things. Things like how absolutely sweet it is watching Emma and Grant play together. She is such a great big sister and doesn't seem to mind that Grant wants to come in her room and check things out. I do get an occassional "MOM...he's getting all my books out of my new shelf" or "He's pulling my baby dolls hair" but as long as I assure her that he's just curious....she's fine. I have walked through the living room several times, only to find that Emma has put Grant in her bean bag chair and sits next to him while they watch cute it that?!?! Now, I am pretty sure it won't always be this way and I will be playing referee(sp?) before long....but for now i'm just going to enjoy these times.

On another note....It appears that i'm not the only one who loves to see the kids in matching outfits!! Everyday Emma requests that she and Grant match! LOL I explained to her that we can't match EVERYDAY and that's just for special times. However, I did find these pajamas that were so cute. Grant's have monkeys on them and Emma's have elephants. Of course....she wants them to wear them every night! Silly girl!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A trip to the Pumpkin Patch

WARNING!!! Lots of pictures to follow..........

Saturday the kids and I along with my mom, mother-in-law, my brother and cousin Vanessa and her 3 boys all took a trip to the Garner Family Homestead Pumpkin Patch. We had a great time and there was lots of activities for the kiddos including tire swings, a hayride and an animal show complete with a dancing chicken and rabbit that played the piano! LOL Sooo cute! Of course we picked out the perfect pumpkin to display on the porch and hope to do some carving on it later this week. Grant had no clue what was going on, but loved being pushed around in his stroller and watching the kids!

Mommy's sweet lil' man
My Emma Kate

"Hunka" Brian even came along...
Watching the animal show with NaNa
On the hayride with Grandma

The kids with their NaNa and Grandma

Friday, October 17, 2008

We love NaNa!

Wednesday the kids and I met my mom (NaNa) at the park for lunch since it was such a beautiful day. Getting Emma to eat when there was a playground full of adventure only steps away was useless, UNTIL NaNa showed up with cupcakes with sprinkles on top!! Emma decided she might come back and eat afterall and I can't say I blame her...they were so yummy! Grant had his first experience in a swing and LOVED it! At one point, he was laying back in the swing just chillin' and enjoying life and then it stopped. He let us know real quick that the ride had come to an end and he wasn't too happy about it! LOL Emma of course made a few friends and was running around like a wild Indian the whole time. Thanks for meeting us at the park NaNa...i'm sure there will be many more "park days" ahead since the weather is absolutely beautiful right now!!

Family Fun

A couple weeks ago Clint and I took the kiddos to the zoo and had a great time. It was much better this go around than it was back in July when it was 100 degrees and we were all panting like animals ourselves! LOL Grant was quite observant and smiled at every little animal he saw...especially the big giraffes! Emma's favorite, as always, were the birds.....she kept saying "Come on, I want to go see the Macaws". It was so cute and sounded so grown up at the same time! All in all, the day was fun and we were so glad daddy FINALLY got a day off and was able to join us! Of course, I was taking pictures and was left out once again....oh well!

FYI...promise we are not still making the child wear "the harness"...she actually requested it after seing it when we were getting the stroller out! Guess she thought it was suitable since we were at the zoo! LOL