Friday, October 17, 2008

We love NaNa!

Wednesday the kids and I met my mom (NaNa) at the park for lunch since it was such a beautiful day. Getting Emma to eat when there was a playground full of adventure only steps away was useless, UNTIL NaNa showed up with cupcakes with sprinkles on top!! Emma decided she might come back and eat afterall and I can't say I blame her...they were so yummy! Grant had his first experience in a swing and LOVED it! At one point, he was laying back in the swing just chillin' and enjoying life and then it stopped. He let us know real quick that the ride had come to an end and he wasn't too happy about it! LOL Emma of course made a few friends and was running around like a wild Indian the whole time. Thanks for meeting us at the park NaNa...i'm sure there will be many more "park days" ahead since the weather is absolutely beautiful right now!!


Britt said...

ok--Emma and your mom look like twins in that pic!

Meredith said...

Britt's right--your mom and Emma have the same look on their face even. I love the one of Grant swinging and Emma in the background.