Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess!!!

Emma Kate,

I still can't believe you are FOUR today!! The time has passed so quickly and you have grown up SOOO fast! I'm not sure exactly why, but mommy is having such a hard time with this birthday...I think it's because I know so many new things are going to happen for you this year! In just a few short months you will be playing your first game of T-Ball, which you have been talking about for over a year now! LOL In August you will be starting Pre-K and going to school 5 days a week just like a big girl! WOW I'm sure that will be quite an adjustment for you and me both since we have spent almost every day together since you were born!! Speaking of...I am SOOO very thankful I have had this time with you! I know you don't realize it yet and just think it's normal for all mommies to be at home, but you have been very fortunate!!! You have been my sidekick since the day they put you in my arms...we have done lots of fun things together these past 4 years and I cherish every one of them! You love mom very much, but you are definately a DADDY'S GIRL!! From the second he gets home from work until the second you go to bed, you are stuck to him like glue and he LOVES it!! You have been the BEST big sister there could ever be...Grant loves you so much and I know you will grow up to be the best of friends!!
You are such a sweet little girl and Mom and Dad thank God for you everyday!
We love you so much baby girl!!
Mommy, Daddy & Grant


BMS said...

When's the party? I can't wait to see pics!

Kari said...

Her party isn't until Friday night..i'm sure there will be plenty of pics to show! :)

Lindsey said...

Awww...Happy Birthday, Emma Kate! We love you and can't wait to party like some rhinestone cowgirls!