Friday, January 16, 2009

Just like Daddy....

A couple weekends ago, Emma went to "deer camp" with her daddy and T-pa (grandpa)to bring their camper's home. She was so excited when Clint asked is she would like to go..she said "Oh I would love to daddy, it's going to be great!" Too cute! She had to wear her new rain boots because she wanted to wear boots "just like daddy". I tell everyone that Emma is the perfect combination...she is definately a "girly girl" and loves to play dress up, be a princess, and be a drama queen-lol, but she will not hesitate at the chance to ride "the wheeler", dig in the dirt, or try to climb a tree! LOL I sent the camera with them for blogging purposes...the following pics are what they came back with. I would have liked more, but these will have to do! LOL
Checking out the camp
Taking a picture of daddy
She couldn't leave out T-pa!

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BMS said...

Purty new background!
I love that Emma is all girlied up in the deer woods!