Monday, June 2, 2008

Family Fun!

Before becoming a mommy, I SWORE I would NEVER have my child on one of "those leashes"...BUT this one is cute and quite handy! LOL

Saturday, we had some much needed family time at the zoo before Clint had to leave for Dallas again yesterday. With the exception of the awful heat, we had a fun time and enjoyed spending the day together. Emma has been to the zoo a couple of times but I think this is the first time she REALLY noticed every animal. I think she is going to be an animal lover like me because everything was "so cute" and "awww..their precious"!! The monkeys were her favorite by far! There was a new baby monkey that was playing with it's mommy and she was so facinated by that...she's been talking about those monkeys non-stop! LOL On the other hand, Grant seemed to be facinated by the fish that were flopping around like crazy to get the fish food! LOL

Guess Grant didn't want his picture taken!

Last but not finally made it in a picture! LOL


Meredith said...

Looks like a fun day! I know you were glad to have some time all together.

Britt said...

ok..we were at the Memphis zoo a few weeks ago and we saw those monkey leashes EVERYWHERE--we agreed that they are totally cute and functional! btw--that pic of Grant in the hat is sooooo sweet!