Monday, June 23, 2008

"You're my best buddy,My favorite friend,We'll always be pals,from now until the end!"

A little less than 4 years ago, I had no idea what it would be like to have children of my own. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but didn't realize how blessed I would be to have not one, but two precious kids!! Watching them grow up together (even though Grant has only been around for 10 months) has been so amazing! Now that Grant can sit on his own, Emma loves to get in the floor and play with him and show him how all his toys work. However, sometimes Emma "thinks" she's a little bigger than what she is..SURPRISE, SURPRISE...the other day I was getting Grant's bath ready and came into the living room to find Emma had picked him up out of his bouncy seat and was attempting to carry him!! YIKES!! She immediately knew she had done something wrong and got this pitiful pouty look on her face...I told her she wasn't in trouble this time, but explained that she is NEVER to pick him up again unless mommy or daddy are there to help!!!! Her response, "But I'm a big girl now mommy and I know I can do it"...poor thing, we are ALWAYS telling her what a big girl she is getting to be and now she thinks she's invincible!! LOL Anywho...just thought I would share a few pics of my "babies" spending time together!!
BTW....the giraffe quilt they are playing on in a couple of the pictures was MY baby blanket that my precious grandma made for's hard to believe that next month will mark a year since she passed! I miss her VERY much and hate that she didn't get to meet my precious baby boy, BUT I am so thankful she had lots of time with Emma!! When Emma sees a picture of her, she says that she is "In heaven with the sleeping grandma" (Clint's g'ma passed not to long after mine) and I think that is just precious!


Lindsey said...

Angels! I love them! You are such a good mommy.
I have walked up on Ana in-motion to pick up Kate twice already! Once out of her cradle and once out of her swing. She had already unbuckled her and everything!

Meredith said...

Oh my goodness-how sweet are they?! You are going to have to pull these pictures out one day to remind them that they used to like each other-ha ha!

meredith said...

your kids are absolutely ADORABLE!!! i linked to your blog from mere's & i just got the biggest smile looking at those two precious faces!
i just couldn't let the opportunity go by without telling you what you already know...they are stinkin' cute!
hope all is well!
meredith price