Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sweet baby Kate!!!!

I FINALLY got to meet Kate today and she is SOOOO precious just like I knew she would be!!! She was so tiny and sweet and I loved listening to all the cute little squeaks she made. Lindsey looks great and seems to be doing well despite the lack of sleep! LOL Ana is very proud of her baby sister and informed me that she's a "Big sister now just like Emma!" It was a nice visit and I even got to enjoy a piece of yummy birthday cake.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSEY and congratulations on your sweet little bundle!!

BTW.....I was loading these pics on the computer and Emma happened to walk by...this is what happened! (Emma)"Who's that baby mommy??" (me)"Ummm..that's Ana's new baby sister..isn't she sweet?!" (Emma)"HEY...I didn't get to see the new baby, no fair" Emma was in school today when we went for the visit!!! Ooops....needless to say I was in trouble!! LOL

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Meredith said...

What a sweet baby! I'm so glad I went by and got to hold her-so tiny.