Sunday, July 20, 2008

All Aboard Graham's Birthday Express....

Our family traveled to Little Rock yesterday for Graham's 4th Birthday!! We had a great time and as usual, everything was FANTASTIC!!! The kids played a few fun games and Meredith read a cute Thomas The Train book for storytime. Emma was in rare form...she wasn't acting ugly or anything, just clung to her daddy's leg most of the time!! Really weird because she is usually my social butterfly and loves playing games...oh well, she told me later "the party was great mom" so I guess she had fun! LOL I think Graham will remember his Thomas The Train party that his mom made extra special for him for a long time!!!! At the end of the party he handed out the goody bags and thanked each kid individually for coming to his party...I thought that was really sweet!! Graham-Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your special day!! We love you!!!!


Leah said...

I looked on Meredith's pictures, so I clicked on your's to see if I could see any party pics! YAY! As soon as I did, I had to call Meredith b/c I wanted to know if she made that cupcake tray. I've been seeing those everywhere and trying to figure out how people were making cute.

Looks like everyone had a good time.

Glad Grant passed his hearing test. That's awesome!

You girlies have fun on your Memphis getaway!

Meredith said...

Those are good pics. Sorry Emma wasn't feeling herself at the party. I'm glad she said she had fun. Graham loves his Thomas jammies-in fact, he's wearing them right now! :)