Sunday, July 6, 2008

Brickfest Fun!!

It's amazing that such a small town like Malvern,AR can actually been known for something worldwide, but it's true....The Brick Capitol of the World!! Last weekend was the annual Brickfest in town and I decided to take the kids since it was something I enjoyed going to as a kid! Of course, my favorite part is the ever so greasy food that is a HUGE no no!! LOL We enjoyed some nachos and fried pickles along with fresh lemonade..Yummy! My Aunt, cousin and her daughter Hayley joined us for some short-lived fun (it was sooo hot that we only stayed about 1.5 hrs..plenty for me anyway!!) and the kids took a ride on the "train". Of course Emma wanted to play on EVERYTHING, but I finally convinced her to leave by reminding her of the fun evening we already had planned....a birthday party!!!!

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Meredith said...

Brickfest!! :) That's cute of Emma and Hayley.