Monday, July 28, 2008

Desperate Housewives....Reunited

This past weekend was such a refresher for me...Meredith, Jill and I loaded up in Mere's van on Friday and headed to Memphis where we met up with Brittany. Meredith, being the talented person she is, put together a "Desperate Housewives Roadtrip Mix" for us to listen was full of some new must have songs and some "old school" songs. I must's amazing that we can still sing some of those old songs word for word!!! We were jammin' and even got a few stares along the way! LOL The drive was uneventful UNTIL we hit the Memphis bridge and the bottom of the sky fell out....not cool when we are trying to find our way to the hotel in unfamiliar territory!! After dodging crazy drivers and a few calls to Britt..we finally made it! Then, we met up with Britt for a little shopping and we got to meet Grey...he's such a little cutie!! We did some fun shopping and then we all went back and got "spruced up" for a fun "Momma's only" night out where we went to a fabulous restraunt called Bahama Breeze. We sat at that table and laughed so hard talking about the "old" days...I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!! We made a run to Target (where I started getting blisters on the heel of my foot and a cashier gave me some awesome DIEGO band-aids that I sported around the rest of the evening!)and looked around a little. We were having such a good time that we weren't quite ready to go back to the hotel, so we went to Cozumel's and had a drink where we AGAIN had some good laughs. We finally decided we better get in bed if we wanted to shop till we dropped the next day. The next morning we met up with Britt and she took us to some really nice shopping places...we were shopped out and headed home around 3:30. It was so nice to have that time together and we have all agreed that this is something we want to do AT LEAST once a year if not twice!!! Thanks girls for such a wonderful time...I can't wait until the next trip!!!


Lindsey said...

I can't wait until the next trip either, b/c I am SO THERE! You girls looked gorgeous!

Britt said...

That was the MOST fun I have had since the reunion. I am SO glad you guys came to see me. I love you girls so much and I miss you all the time!!!

Meredith said...

Thank you sis for putting this together for us and making us go. It was THE BEST time! I wish we would have had more time...but we'll definitely be doing this again. Love you!