Monday, September 22, 2008

To Chew, OR Not To Chew????

WARNING This is not for the weak stomach people to read!! LOL

Well yesterday was another interesting day around the Wright house! LOL Grant now has 4 teeth and 2 more are working their way through, so needless to say, he is putting EVERYTHING in his mouth!!! I put him down for his usual afternoon nap yesterday and could here him in there playing, then he started fussing. This went on for about 10 min, so I finally went in there to settle him down and try to get him to sleep.....THEN I smelt this strange (but familiar) smell and figured out what the fussing was all about!!! My son was chewing on a MILLIPEDE!!! YUCK!!!!

We have been having some issues with these millipedes coming into the house for about a month now (apparently they become more abundant when it's very wet or very dry...we have had our fair share of rain and flooding!!) I quickly scooped it out of his mouth and decided to call poison control just to be on the safe's not like I know much about these lovely creatures!! LOL They said they weren't poisonous (THANK GOD!), but they do release something that could cause a skin reaction and that I needed to watch him and make sure he didn't develop any blisters around his mouth! Everything was fine and my little man was snoozing away 15 minutes later!!! What a LOVELY experience that was....SOMEDAY I will tell Grant this story and be laughing about it instead of being grosed out! LOL
While we are on the subject of CHOMPERS....Look at the chompers on the ADORABLE towel my friends Brittany sent Grant for his birthday!! I think he's the cutest dinosaur I've ever seen!!! Thanks Greyson!


Britt said...

OMG---it looks sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! I love it!
Also--aren't boys gross? LOL

Lindsey said...

Ewwww!!! I would've totally freaked to see a squirmy creature coming out of my child's mouth! Good thing I have girls (I hope)! Ick!