Monday, November 24, 2008

Girls Night Out

A couple weekends ago (i know..this is late!) 2 very special friends of mine, Jill and Meredith, and I went out to celebrate my birthday. We went to Hot Springs and went by the Convention Center to check out a Christmas sale called Tinsel & Traditions. We saw a lot of neat boutique items that we all loved, checked out thoroughly and decided we could probably make them on our own for half the price! LOL Then we headed over to Outback Steakhouse where we ran into half the town of Magnet Cove! LOL Actually it was parents of people we went to school with. We had a yummy meal and it was so nice to talk and laugh without any interruptions from the kiddos! Towards the end of our meal, the waiter decided to serenade me with his "boy band" version of Happy Birthday! I think the look on my face in the picture says it all! LOL After that bit of excitement, we headed over to T.J. Maxx. I was on the hunt for a good pair of boots, but couldn't find any I liked. I'm still searching..... Thanks girls for such a fun night (we missed ya Lindsey!), I can't wait until the next outing!

My BFF...she loves me!

Couldn't resist the hats at T.J. Maxx...aren't we stylish?


Meredith said...

Those are funny. That was such a fun night. Happy Birthday Kari!

BMS said...

That look on your face when Skeezy is singing to you is SO FUNNY!
I love the hats too--you look like Rockettes or something!

BMS said...
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Lindsey said...

:( Sad I missed all the fun! And, the performance of a lifetime for Mr. Soul. He is REALLY getting into it and you look so uncomfortable that you have to just stir your drink to keep from bursting into uncontrolable laughter. Probably good that I wasn't there for that. I'm not the best at holding back in those situations!

Lauren said...

What a fun evening! I am laughing out loud at that dude singing to you... What in the world?! He looks really "into" it too! Happy (belated) Birthday!