Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A beautiful weekend!

We enjoyed most of the weekend OUTDOORS for a change and it was so nice! I am SOO over Winter and ready for some beautiful Spring weather! Emma is a lucky little girl...our neighbors just love her and the kids (who are several years older) play so well with her! Last summer, they gave Emma the pink camo 4-wheeler that her friend Tori had outgrown and on Saturday I walked outside and saw a trampoline in my back yard!! Our neighbor told Clint to come help him move it and it was OURS! I offered to pay them something and they just refused and said they wanted Emma to have it because they knew how much she enjoyed playing on the "jumpaline" as she calls it. Now we just have to get a safety net to go around it. When Emma went to bed that night she said "Mommy, I just love my jumpaline..Mr. Tim is so nice". Tori and Cole came down Sunday afternoon and played with Emma and they had a BLAST! Grant got a little taste of the beautiful day too and loved his first time in the swing! He was a little scared at first (I remember Emma being the same way), but that was short-lived and he turned in to a giggle box! LOL I look forward to Winter being long gone so I can enjoy more beautiful days outdoors with the kids!

Emma and her sweet friend Tori

Emma enjoying her new jumpaline!

Emma after I told her it's time to come inside...i'm such a mean mommy! LOL

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BMS said...

Free Trampoline?!? SCORE!!