Monday, February 23, 2009

"Dare To Love"

Last night Clint and I attended a marriage seminar at our church called "Dare To Love" that was given by my pastor and his wife. I almost didn't recognize the Worship Center because they had taken out all the chairs and put in round tables covered with white tablecloths and beautiful was a very romantic setting perfect for the occassion! We had a WONDERFUL time and learned some valuable information that is helpful to any marriage. The pastor and his wife shared a few personal stories from their almost 36 years of marriage and there was quite a bit of laughter in the room! At the completion of the seminar, they offered for all couples interested, to take a moment to renew their was VERY laid back and we just did it at our tables where we were sitting!! I'm glad Clint and I took part in such a neat experience!!

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