Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our little Sweetheart!!

Emma was in the Sweetheart Pageant yesterday and had a BLAST!! This is the first one she's been in since she was 1 and had to go out on stage by herself...I wasn't sure how she would do, but we couldn't have been prouder! She walked right out there and was smiling and waving at everyone (she didn't neccessarily stand where she was supposed did great! She received 3 awards...Prettiest Eyes, Best Personality and First Runner-Up...of course she thinks she won b/c of all the trophies and I wasn't about to tell her any different! LOL When she was backstage, she was telling all the little girls how pretty they were and how she liked each of their dresses...all of the mom's were commenting on how sweet she was and if there was a Miss Congeniality award she would definately win! Talk about a mother's heart just BURSTING with pride...that's a winner in this momma's eyes anytime!!! Emma was so happy to look out in the crowd and see all her family and Aunt Meredith cheering her on...her face was beaming! I would say it was a good day for our family...Emma's little cousin Maeson won the Little Mister division and her older cousin Hayley won the Petite Miss division! YAY!!! Emma is already asking when she can be a "princess" again...maybe we will give the Brickfest Pageant a shot this summer since she is finally old enough...

Emma and NaNa
Emma and OOh-Wa PaPa..for those of you who didn't know, this is what Emma has been calling my dad since she could talk. It's her own special name for him and I think it's SO sweet!

Emma with Grandma (Clint's mom)


Lindsey said...

YAY, Emma! We're so proud and wish we could've been there! Congratulations!
She's such a sweet and gorgeous girl. Miss Congeniality for sure! I know you are so proud, Kari.

BMS said...

I can't imagine where she gets the Miss Congeniality Gene!! LOL.
Yay Emma! I love that she looks like a beautiful little girl and she is not all done up. That's what pageants are supposed to be about. What a big girl!!! Miss Arkansas WATCH OUT!!